Vegetable Feta

This plate of vegetable feta is packed with flavors and brings back so many beautiful childhood memories❣️

My Mom, God bless her beautiful soul, made sure this hearty dish was part of every weekend’s breakfast or lunch spread ❣️
Simple ingredients but lots of flavor. The key is to use good quality Feta cheese. I got mine from a Greek Deli in Astoria and couldn’t wait for the weekend to come so I can make it for my family❣️

The very simple yet harmonious ingredients you need to make this delicious plate of vegetable feta spread (all the amounts can be adjusted to your taste):

🇬🇷 3/4 pound Greek Feta cheese
🍅 1 quart cherry tomatoes 
🫑 2/3 cup green, red and orange peppers
🧅 1/2 cup scallion or chives
🌿 1/2 bunch parsley
🧂 Seasonings, amounts to taste: Salt, pepper, cumin, dried mint, cayenne pepper
🍶 3 tablespoons crème fraiche or sour cream
🍋 Juice of half a lemon
🍾 Olive oil

Using a fork or in the food processor, mash the feta cheese with the creme fraiche and 2 tablespoons olive oil until well blended and smooth. Chop all the veggies in equal size pieces and mix them with the cheese. Add lemon juice and more olive oil if you’d like; mix and transfer to your serving plate. Add black sesame seeds if available and drizzle more olive oil on top. Enjoy with pita chips or hot pita bread. I paired this yummy lunch with a cup of tea with fresh mint and it definitely hit the right spot 🌿❤️


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