Mango Strawberry Popsicles

My family LOVES mangoes and I always look forward to mango season, so I can make our favorite summer treats. I just made these delicious Mango Strawberry Popsicles and they were such a big hit!! So cool and refreshing, not too sweet and just simply perfect for this hot and humid weather.
It’s a simple three ingredients recipe: 
1. Mango pulp🥭 
2. Greek yogurt 🍚
3. Coconut milk 🥥 
I guarantee you’ll want to have these popsicles in your freezer all summer long ☀️🍦🏝

Let’s get refreshed!! 

Mango Popsicles Recipe🥭🤩
Make them with or without the strawberry layer.

For the Mango part, you’ll need:
🍚 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt
🥭 2 cups fresh or canned mango pulp
🥥 3/4 cup coconut milk 
Blend the three ingredients until well combined. Taste the mix and if you like it a little sweeter, add honey to your taste.

For the Strawberry layer:
In a bowl combine 1 cup quartered strawberries with 1/4 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons water. Cover and set aside for half an hour for the strawberries to release their juices; then blend on high speed until puréed.

Pour the Mango mix into the Popsicles molds, add the strawberry purée, insert the Woden sticks, cover and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
And Voila! Bon Appétit ❤️


Made with Love❤️

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