Beet Hummus

Beet Hummus Dip, a vegetarian delight💫 Delicious and very easy to prepare!
If you like Hummus, this recipe is must try! Believe me, it’s much, much, much better than the best store bought brands out there … just sayin’.. 😉

You will need:
2 cups chickpeas, 1/3 cup crushed ice, 1/3 cup Tahini, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 1 large boiled beet, 2 minced garlic cloves, salt & pepper to taste, fresh parsley, sesame seeds, pine nuts and drizzle of olive oil

Let’s get started:
🌸 In the food processor pulse together chickpeas and crushed ice on high speed. This process will make the consistency of the hummus smooth and creamy, rather than it being too grainy. This step is optional, but highly recommended. 
🌸 Scrap the sides of the food processor bowl down with a spatula, then add all the remaining ingredients: Tahini, lemon juice, beet, garlic and salt & pepper to taste.
🌸 Blend everything together on high speed, then add olive oil and continue blending until all is well combined.
🌸 Transfer the Hummus to a serving bowl and garnish it with fresh parsley, sesame, pine nuts and drizzle the top with a little olive oil. And Voila!!

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