Stuffed Dates

You will need: goat cheese, dates (I used Ziyad Brand), rose water, pistachios,


  • Put the goat cheese out to soften
  • Once it is at room temperature, soften it with the back of a spoon
  • To 120 grams of cheese, I added 3 tablespoons of pistachio cream
  • Mix the pistachio cream and goat cheese very well and if you like rose water, add just a teaspoon to the mix
  • Mix the rose water in until well combined
  • Add the date filling to a pipping container
  • Choose a small pipping tip so it can easily fit inside the dates
  • Cut each date open with a paring knife and gently push the pit out ( I used a wooden skewer for that
  • Start pipping the pistachio filling into the dates
  • Arrange the stuffed dates on a platter and sprinkle some pistachios on top and all around
  • I also added some dried edible roses
  • Enjoy!