Amar El Deen

Here comes the king of all Ramadan drinks and my absolute favorite, Amar El Deen! 🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️🍑☪️
A much welcomed guest on our iftar table every night. Enjoyed as a refreshing cold drink or used to make other classic Ramadan desserts such as Khoshaf (dried fruit salad) or Meshmeshia (apricot nectar pudding). My family loves it!

To make this delicious refreshing Apricot nectar, you will need:
🍑1 package dried apricot paste
🍥 1/2 cup sugar
🍑 3 cups hot water

🍹Unwrap and unfold the apricot paste sheet.
🍹Cut apricot paste into small squares, transfer to a bowl, add sugar to taste (I used 1/2 cup sugar) and cover with hot water for 2 hours. The apricot paste pieces will start to dissolve in the hot water.
🍹Transfer to the blender and purée until smooth.
🍹Add 1 cup ice cubes and blend . If too thick add more water to reach the desired consistency (I like mine on the thicker side).
🍹Optional: Add 1 tsp rose water or liquid vanilla.
Serve cold and enjoy!
صوما مقبولا و إفطار شهيا 🌙⭐️

Made with Love❤️

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