Homemade Pickles

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Happy Blessed Ramadan to my family and all my friends who celebrate ☪️
May this Ramadan bring immense joy, prosperity and good health to you and your family ☪️

🥒 Homemade Pickles 🥒
Fresh, tangy, refreshing and very easy to make!

🥒 You’ll need a few whole cucumbers, some chopped celery (stalks and leaves), sliced fresh garlic and green pepper if you like it a little spicy.
🥒 For the brine, I use this formula: For every liter (4 cups) of water, use 3 tablespoons coarse salt, 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 teaspoon sugar (just to cut the bite of the vinegar and keep the pickles crunchy).
🥒 Boil the water and transfer to a deep dish or glass pitcher. Add salt, vinegar and sugar mixture (above), then stir until salt and sugar are completely dissolved. Set the brine aside to cool.
🥒 Pack cucumbers, celery, garlic and green pepper in sterilized jars, squeeze half a lime and pour the brine over. Make sure veggies are completely submerged in brine. 
🥒 Pour some olive oil on top to seal the air and control fermentation in inside the jar. Cover with plastic wrap, then secure the jar lid tightly.
🥒 And Voila!! Pickles will be ready for you to enjoy within 4-5 days; at that point you should refrigerate the pickles to keep them fresh and crunchy.
💐 Bon Appétit 💐

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