Ful Medames

A hearty bowl of “Ful Medames”, which translates to slow cooked Fava Beans Stew, is a staple on our Ramadan iftar table every night, and on weekends all year round! That’s how much my family loves this dish ⭐️♥️🌙 😍

Although the quality of some of the canned Fava Beans brands available in supermarkets is okay, I personally grew up eating “Ful Medames” one way and one way only and that is HOMEMADE FROM SCRATCH‼️
I make it the same exact way my Mom and Grandma made it; the old school way, no shortcuts and no rushing through the process. I use the traditional “Damassa Pot called Kedra” to make it; I do not make it in a slow cooker or in a pressure cooker!⛔️ 

First, I soak the dry Fava beans overnight, then I slow cook them stovetop for hours until they are soft and buttery. Once ready, I season the portion being served with salt & cumin, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a couple of finely chopped or pressed garlic cloves, then I dress it with a very generous amount of extra virgin olive oil and mix everything together. Lastly, I add some chopped tomatoes, green pepper, parsley and scallion on top 🍅🧅🌿🌶🧄🫑🍅🧅🌿🌶🧄🍅🧅🌿🌶🧄🫑🍅

I cannot even describe how delicious this simple modest dish is; it is inexpensive and loaded with proteins and nutrients. It’s traditionally served with pickles, tahini sauce and hot pita bread ♨️
I shared my recipe for Ful Medames with you last year and it is back by popular demand!

Made with Love❤️

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